The Lincoln Heritage RC&D seeks to fill a niche of service to rural communities and their under-served citizens...

Forestry Management:

Hosts workshops to promote active management and to increase health and value of the woodlands in East Central Illinois

Protecting Pollinators:

Collects and dispenses milkweed pods to promote plantings for the monarch butterfly, and conducts workshops to educate the public on the importance of pollinators

Youth Education & Engagement:

Hosts educational field days and presents at community events to provide opportunities for youth to learn about natural resources

Prescribed Burning:

Assists with about 200 acres of prescribed burns each year on private grasslands and woodlands to control undesirable and invasive plant species and encourage healthy habitat development

What we can do for you:

¨ Conduct educational presentations at your event or workshop

¨ Provide physical assistance with prescribed burns on your land

¨ Assist with removal and/or make recommendations on invasive species management

¨ Connect you with other natural resource contacts in your area

¨ Recommend financial assistance sources, such as grants and cost-share programs through partner agencies and supporters